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Perry Ruedy

Perry Ruedy portrait
Industrial Technology
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8676

Tech Ed/Industrial Arts/Engineering is all about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), specifically Engineering. The course just may be what stimulates a student or many students to think about what the possibilities and careers are for their futures.

Check out this Minnesota link to careers!

This course is part of a national curriculum called PLTW (Project Lead The Way).   Inspiring, Engaging, and Empowering PreK-12 Students.  When students go the high school, there are 5 pathways of Engineering and all have opportunities for college credits, while in high school.  The credits are accepted at over 300 colleges and universities across the nation.   Imagine, that a student's resume can say that they had been in an Engineering program since 6th grade!  That might be just the leg up over someone else to get the dream job that will earn more than a million dollars more than another person with the same degree.  Where you start with you first job can sometimes tell the tale as to where one ends up in life.

We are project based learning, so there is a hands-on element to each assignment!!

Let's have some fun with Sciene, Technology, Engineering and Math

Check out PLTW's website:

A little about me.  I'm a General Contractor and have owned my own business for 24 years and love working with my hands as much as teaching and sharing my love of working with my hands with the students.  I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers: Ace and Eddie who are a blast!  My favorite hobby (isn't really a hobby) but I LOVE BBQ's and sitting in a wonderful backyard or on a inviting deck with friends and family.

Class Name Periods Site
AD1801 6 Advisory 8 01 (A/B) Yes
CT1802 5 Tech Ed 8 02 (A); 03 (A) Yes
CT1802 6 Tech Ed 8 02 (B); 03 (B) Yes
CT1602 5 Tech Ed 6 05 (A); 06 (A) Yes
CT1602 6 Tech Ed 6 05 (B); 06 (B) Yes
CT1702 5 Tech Ed 7 07 (A); 08 (A) Yes
CT1702 6 Tech Ed 7 07 (B); 08 (B) Yes