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Jessika Lupan

Jessika Lupan portrait
World Languages
Oak Grove Middle School
(952) 681-6726
World Languages
Olson Middle School
(952) 681-6726
I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge of the Spanish language and cultures with my classes. Throughout the year we will be learning and speaking Spanish as well as learning about the geography and culture of Spanish speaking countries.
Class Name Periods Class Info Calendar
WL1801 5 Spanish 8 A-02/2 Yes Yes
WL1801 6 Spanish 8 A-03/3 Yes Yes
WL1801 1 Spanish 8 A-05/5 Yes Yes
WL1801 2 Spanish 8 A-06/6 Yes Yes
WL1701 1 Spanish 7 A-07/7 Yes Yes
WL1701 2 Spanish 7 A-08/8 Yes Yes
WL1801 7 Spanish 8 B-02/2 Yes Yes
WL1801 8 Spanish 8 B-03/3 Yes Yes
WL1801 4 Spanish 8 B-05/5 Yes Yes
WL1801 5 Spanish 8 B-06/6 Yes Yes
WL1701 4 Spanish 7 B-07/7 Yes Yes
WL1701 5 Spanish 7 B-08/8 Yes Yes