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Sara Benson

ASD Teacher
Olson Middle School
(952) 681-8694

I am beginning my 9th year at Olson Middle School and love working here. I am a teacher in the SAILS program and hold licenses in Specific Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as a Master's Degree in Special Education. 

Class Name Periods Calendar
AD1001 5 Advisory 6/7/8 A-01/B-01/1 Yes
SP1802 5 Academic Instruction Mini 8 A-02/2
SP1705 1 Clinical LA 7 A-03/B-03/3
SP1706 4 Clinical Math 7 A-04/B-04/4
SP1010 2 Clinical Science/Socialstudies A-05/B-05/5
SP1731 3 Sel Strategies 7 A-08/8
SP1601 2 Academic Instruction 6 A-08/B-08/8
SP1707 3 Clinical Reading 7 B-02/2
SP1802 7 Academic Instruction Mini 8 B-03/3
SP1731 5 Sel Strategies 7 B-08/8