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Brandon Becker

Brandon Becker portrait
Language Arts
Olson Middle School
(952) 681-8629

From a small farm near Green Bay to living in the big city of Chicago, I have found Minneapolis to be the perfect place to settle and raise my family of 2 little girls.  I have taught high school at a charter in Chicago and middle school for 4 years in Minnetonka.  I began my teaching career as a student teacher and building sub at Olson almost 10 years ago, so I feel that I've returned home!  I am passionate about using language arts to have deeper conversations about what it means to be a person on this planet and to allow my students to further explore their emerging identitites.  Most importantly, this is a final year to brush up or infuse students with powerful writing skills to be better prepared for their first year of high school next year!

Class Name Periods Calendar Site
AD1801 1 Advisory 8 A-01/B-01/1
LA1802 1 DA Language Arts 8 A-04/B-04/4 Yes Yes
LA1803 1 Honors Language Arts 8 A-05/B-05/5 Yes Yes
LA1801 1 Language Arts 8 A-06/B-06/6 Yes Yes
LA1801 2 Language Arts 8 A-07/B-07/7 Yes Yes
LA1801 3 Language Arts 8 A-08/B-08/8 Yes Yes