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Stacey Pedersen

Stacey Pedersen portrait
Industrial Technology
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8675
Intervention Specialist
Olson Middle School
(952) 806-8675

I have taught Technology Education at Olson Middle School since 2000. I received my Masters of Education through the University of Minnesota and also have a reading license which I completed through Hamline University. In addition to being a teacher I have two rambunctious young boys, Mckean (9) who will start third grade, and Finnegan (5) who are both at Olson Elementary. 

Class Name Periods Calendar
AD1701 6 Advisory 7 1 (A/B)
CT1802 3 Tech Ed 8 2/3 (A) Yes
CT1802 4 Tech Ed 8 2/3 (B) Yes
CT1602 3 Tech Ed 6 5/6 (A) Yes
CT1602 4 Tech Ed 6 5/6 (B) Yes
CT1702 3 Tech Ed 7 7/8 (A) Yes
CT1702 4 Tech Ed 7 7/8 (B) Yes