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Who Killed Elvis?

All students are invited to audition for the fall show.

What is the OMS FALL SHOW:  A non-musical show that will be performed in November.  

What is the Show:  WHO KILLED ELVIS
When the Verelli family holds an Elvis impersonator contest for their newly renamed business, the “Elvis Ate Here” Inn, a host of star-struck Elvis fanatics shows up with the media in tow.  Just what they needed to boost profits!  Unfortunately, the Verellis get more than they bargained for when a couple of thieves on the run after making off with priceless Elvis memorabilia show up in disguise and a pair of suspicious thugs wanders in, followed by a group of high school students who desperately need to win the prize money for prom.  Add to the mix a fortune teller who mysteriously predicts “death to the king,” a troupe of ogling Elvis fans (including one father in the midst of a mid-life crisis) and a banker intent on foreclosing, and it’s general Elvis hysteria!  Order up for one “Heartbreak Hoagie,” some “Love Me Chicken Tenders” and an “All Shook Up Shake,” but who asked for two murders?!  Crack cop Betty and her partner Bernice try to apply a strong-arm approach to their investigation with aid from Chief Ralph. 
When are auditions:  After School Tues. Sept. 10th or Thurs. Sept. 12th
Where are auditions:  In the OMS auditorium
What do I need to audition:  You will need an audition form.  These forms can be found by the Choir room and outside of B207.  You must have a parent signature to audition.
Who do you need:  Actors and Tech Crew.  Tech Crew does not need to audition, but they do need to fill out a Tech Crew form and turn it into Mrs. Gillis in Room B207 before Thurs. Sept. 12th.
How long are auditions:  Auditions are 3-5 min. long (based on first come)
Performance dates:  Nov. 7th and 8th (must be at both performances to participate).
Practice days:  Monday - Thursday from 2:45 - 4:15 (you may not be needed every practice)
Any Questions: Please see Mrs. Gillis   ROOM: B207  EMAIL: