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Family Tech Tip: Staying Informed about Technology and Media

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Common Sense Media logoCommon Sense Media
is a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families and promotes safe technology and media use for children. Here are three ways you and your family can utilize Common Sense Media:

Explore Age Ratings and Reviews for Apps

Snapchat iconQuickly search for apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books. View the suggested age for that media and read reviews. Common Sense Media includes a “What Parents Need to Know” section for each specific app, game, movie, etc.

Access Advice for Families by Topic and Age Group

Lightbulb iconCommon Sense Media provides research and resources around topics like screen time, social media, online privacy and safety, and more. Access parent guides to the apps your child accesses most frequently. Search for articles by topic or age group from preschoolers to teens.

Personalize Common Sense Media for your Family

Account iconSet up a Common Sense Media family account and personalize incoming information for your child(ren). The latest research, articles, and videos for your child’s age group will come right to your inbox. Log in to your family account for tips and advice about what apps, movies, books, and TV shows to check out together.