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State Testing In Progress

It is that time of year again. Once again our students will be taking the Minnesota State and MAP Tests.

Please make sure that your child(ren) come to school well rested and with a good breakfast under their belts.  If you don't have time for that meal before you leave the house remember that Olson Middle School Food Service offers a free breakfast each morning for any of our students. The menu for each day can be found on our website.

Students will need to bring their chromebooks fully charged each day as they will be using them for testing as well as classwork.  They will also need a pair of earbuds or headphones for the audio portion of the test.  Have them double check that those are in their backpacks before they leave on each morning so they will be ready. If they do not have earbuds/headphones, or cannot find them, the Media Center has a limited number of earbuds available for purchase for $1. 

The testing schedule for this year can be found through a link on the Parent Info page on our website (go to "testing" on the table of contents page linked to this site)