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Cougar Camp Information for Next Year's 6th Grade Students

Now that you've attended our Incoming 6th Graders and Parents welcome session you'll need to be ready to sign up your child for this summer's "Cougar Camp".  The is a great program that helps your child meet some of their new classmates and teachers, get to know the building, find their locker and get help reading their schedule.  The camp is recommended for all incoming 6th graders and helps relieve those first day jitters.  Sign up for either of the two workshops.  The cost is $30 per child which includes materials, t-shirt and snacks. You provide the transportation.  The dates are Weds & Thurs, Aug 1 & 2; or Tues & Weds, Aug 7 & 8.  Both camps are from 9 a.m to noon.  Click here for the sign up form.