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OMS Celebrates YOU with Monthly Cultural Stories

OMS Equity Statement

All students have the right to a fair, appropriate, and unbiased educational opportunity, where they are respected regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, national origin, ability, or disability. At Olson Middle School, we are committed to honoring the inherent worth, dignity, and culture of every learner.

Every month we are honoring and highlighting different cultures, groups, and backgrounds. This information will be disseminated to our student body on the news show, through an student-created display case,  invited speakers, and supportive activities.  Students are actively involved in planning and carrying out the information each month with guidance from the OMS Diversity/Equity team. In September we highlighted Hispanic Heritage Month and LGBT history in October. In May, we will celebrate Diversity Day - a celebration of all people. Supporting all our students from their various backgrounds is aligned with our district’s Learning Supports mission.

OMS Monthly Celebrations 2017-2018

  • September: Hispanic Heritage
  • October: LBGT History
  • November: Native American and Indigenous People
  • December: Jewish American
  • January: Immigrant History
  • February: Black/ African American History
  • March: Women’s History
  • April: Disability Awareness
  • May: Asian Culture/ Diversity Day

If you are a student, we are seeking help with the collection and display of the information.  Contact Mrs. Geislinger, Mrs. Muñoz, Ms. Oni, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Kibort, Ms. Hooker, or Mrs. Ellis to become a part of the discovery.

If you are a parent, and would like to share personal stories that connect to our equity mission, we are always looking for people to speak at our school, come to lunch and share experiences, or join us at a staff meeting.  Please contact Molly Geislinger if you are interested.

Please look for the Equity/Diversity table at conferences for opportunities to get involved and have conversations.