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Cultural Liaison

The Cultural Liaison with the Office of Educational Equity.  The Office of Educational Equity works to enhance interracial and multi-cultural educational opportunities to promote student achievement and provide training for staff and parents to increase interactions and understanding among members of different races and cultures within all facets of the Bloomington Public Schools community.
The Liaison works as a mentor for our students and helps with intervention strategies that address achievement gap issues our diverse student population may have. He leads an after school Junior Achievement student business program and is developing a reading mentor program and a peer influence project.
Cultural Liaisons with the school district emphasize respecting all cultures and building bridges between families and schools.
They work with students at all grade levels, providing such services as special instruction, tutoring, college preparation and selection, student mentoring, extracurricular activities, field trips, team-building retreats and summer academic programs.
The liaisons serve as cultural resources for IEP conferences and assist students and their families in crisis situations.