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Intervention Staff

Andrea Dye
Math Intervention

Courtney Ramirez, Reading InterventionCourtney Ramirez

Reading Intervention

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The primary goal of the intervention classes offered at Olson Middle School is to help each student build the skills and knowledge to meet grade level expectations by providing specialized resources in three key areas.

Students who are performing below grade level may require additional time to acquire and practice skills because not all students learn at the same rate. Building more time into a student’s schedule allows for additional practice with concepts as well as opportunities to ask questions and address misconception or “gaps” in learning. Smaller class sizes allow for valuable, in-depth discussions, more student participation, and individualized instruction in a supportive environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn something new.

Specialized curriculum and technology tools provide teachers with materials that teach grade level concepts in a way that reintroduces and reinforces skills from earlier grade levels and helps students see the connections between concepts.

Intervention classes are designed to meet our goal of developing in ALL of our learners the ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world. In order to meet this goal, some students will require more time, more individual attention, and special materials to meet their learning needs. Intervention classes at OMS help students catch up to grade level and build the knowledge and skills to be successful now and in the future.